Monday, December 19, 2011

The American Scrap Book

A couple of months ago I took Mary Ann Moss' (Dispatch From LA) Full Tilt Boogie Class and absolutely loved it.  For my journal I decided to use a vintage book.  I just couldn't find a vintage celluloid album (that's what she uses in her class) that I was happy with that wouldn't cost me a years salary!  What caught my eye about the book I ultimately chose (okay, I chose a few but used this one!) is the emblem on the cover "The American Scrap Book".  So very fitting and beautiful.  I removed the "guts" from the book (saved them for future use of course!) and sewed in 12 signatures consisting of a variety of paper; envelopes, ledger paper, brail paper; scrapbook name it, I used it.  I also sewed paper together using the zig zag setting on my sewing machine.  This made for a very ecclectic mix of signatures.

To follow is a sneak peak of the book and signatures.  I just started working on actually journaling yesterday.  This week I had a lot to reflect I figured it was now or never!  Once I complete my first few spreads I will share them.  

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