Wednesday, December 21, 2011


What started out to be 17/17/17 is now 15-15-15 (+1).  No I have not lost my mind (shhhh...maybe sort of!).  But NOT in this case as I'm referring to an art journal round robin consistently of 17 artists, 17 months, 17 journals that kicked off a couple of months ago and totally went off the rails the other day.  I joined with excitement and enthusiasm and so did my fellow artists.  What was to follow was totally unexpected. 

Here's our story...

It was a rocky start to say the least but due to the resiliency of the artists invovled, the entire round robin  never imploded.  Instead, the round robin took a right turn...or more appropriatetly, a turn in the RIGHT direction and now it is 15 artists, 15 months, 15 journals (+ 1 artist) who rejoined once the dust had settled.

I have found there are people in this world who instead of looking inward and seeking help when needed, will look outward for constant support to the point of draining the life out of others.  Once they have sucked the life out of their victims they will move on leaving scars and questions in their path.

This my friends, was the way of the founder of 17/17/17...

Once the participants and rules of the road were establised, my fellow artists and I would receive a burrage of emails about said founders mental illness, suicide attempt, terminally ill husband...blah, blah, blah.  Really?  I thought it odd from the start that someone would share such intimate details with a distribution list of absolute I never responded.  Either way, some of my sweet and empathetic counterparts did.  Offering support and words of encouragement and sympathy. Her sad tales always included apolgies for her absence in communicating, meeting timelines, etc. 

She was constantly forgiven until one of the artists accidently found her quite active on other sites. 

Instantly the truth was out.  What a fraud!  She was nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  Constantly seeking (at least in my mind) "poor me" attention.  It got tiring.  I  believe in supporting my fellow man...but being abused or falling victim to co-dependency to a woman I only know (BARELY) online is an entirely different matter. 

I'm thrilled to report that the remaining (mentally stable) women are talented, empathetic, funny...I could go on and on!  We are now drama free to be 15-15-15 and it feels FABULOUS!  Check out our blog!  We have a Facebook page too.


  1. This is so funny Liz! The reality is not but funny because I've found out the hard way.

    Recently, I did an art stash swap where you send art/crafts stuff you no longer want and box it to someone else who may like it.

    What a fiasco! I received a measly envelope of literally tiny felt scraps all ready used that you could not cut to make a thing with. Ugly neon used paint bottles. Everything was the crappiest of the scrappiest! Holy scrap I was mad.

    I sent out brand new things that were sitting around and never going to be used as the intended project no longer interested me. New bottles of paint, felt, real beads, ribbon, uncut fabric, and vintage ephemera. I also sent a little note with it.

    The other package I received months later. No card or note why it took so long. She told the host of the event,that she was sick. For 3 months? Maybe she should have dropped out? The most insulting was that her stuff wasn't anything I used either. This was after she wanted a long list of things I liked so that she could gear the pack to my liking? I don't understand how vintage, things with history, paint, beads etc coincides with child craft foam children's stamps and pink plastic cupcakes? I don't even have little girls to give it to.

    I felt bad for the moderator of the whole thing. She had to keep sending emails back and forth to her and me. I told her not to worry about it but she insisted. I know she was worn out at the end because mine were not the only troublesome people.

    After reading your post I guess that's just the way it goes. Win some loose some. Glad that you have a fab 15 now!

  2. You put it exactly right, Liz. I kept saying, "something is not right with this girl. I think she is full of crap".
    I am so thankful of our group and the way they correspond. I'm in a round robin page swap and journal swap on another site and nobody communicates for months. My page was completed by 4 artists and now has been with another artist since July. When I asked the moderator to please contact the girl, she lectured me on the need to be empathetic with a girl that is having some issues. Not to sound cold hearted, but, who doesn't have troubles.
    As Denni said you win some and you lose some. I know we're on the "win some" with our 15/15/15 (plus 1).