Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exciting Things In The Works!

Whew!  I'm tired and excited just thinking about all of the things I have in the works right now!!  Here's a run down of what is in the works:

Travel Photos:  As you know from my previous post, I was on vacation for a few weeks in Paris and London.  My very good friend, Kari and I had a blast!  I returned last week and immediately got a massive chest cold and of course, had crazy jet lag (9 hour time change!) that took me 2 days to adjust to.  Gotta love the recycled airplane air...does it to me EVERY TIME!  Just now catching up on things.  Pictures will be posted very soon.  Still editing them a bit (I'm very particular when it comes to my pictures!) and figuring out which pictures to post out of the 500+ that I took. 

Full Tilt Boogie Art Journal Class:  I just signed up for Mary Ann Moss' "Fult Tilt Boogie" journaling course over at Dispatch From LA and I am happy to say that I am already enjoying it immensely.  I just love her blog and her fun personality!  I purchased my vintage books last weekend and now I'm ready to jump in head first.  My first journal will be a travel journal of Paris and London.  Knowing that I was going to sign up for the class prior to leaving for vacation, I saved oodles and oodles of tidbits from the trip and took daily notes on our travels so I'm 100% prepared.

Art Journal Round Robin:  I signed up for the "17 artists, 17 journals, 17 months" world wide round robin art journal swap over at Milliande and I need to get started on creating my journal PRONTO!  My theme is lyrics.  Music (old school R&B in particular) is a huge part of my life so I thought the theme was very fitting.  I'm thinking I may use and old R&B album sleeve as my journal cover.  Hmmmm...thinking.

Monthly Art Journal Page(s) Swap:  And, of course, as you know if you have been following me for some time, I host a monthly journal page swap over at Milliande so I need to get crackin' on those pages before the end of the month.  The themes this month are:  A Moment In Time and Mythical Gods &/or Goddesses.

I really appreciate you stopping by even though I have been a bit lax with my postings lately.  I haven't forgotten about you...just playing catch up and recuperating from this nasty cold!

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