Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Trip Thru Paris & London

As promised in my previous post, here's a brief trip through Paris and London.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed visiting these 2 wonderful cities...filled with wonderful people and things to see and do.

Hotel DeVille

St. Michele Square Fountain


Enjoyed in the Park
Jardin des Tuileries - Outside the Louve

Eiffel Tower at Dusk
View from Arc de triomphe

 Ancient Church Windows

Buckingham Palace Guard

Buckingham Palace

Police - The Guy on the Left Cracked Me Up. 
So Very Serious.  He Needs A Beer, I Think.


The Buxton Memorial
Build in 1833 to commemorate thee emancipation of slavery.

The Jewel Tower - Equipped with Mote and All!
Built in 1365 for King Edward III

 Westminster Arms Pub


   These Wedding Dresses Were Stunning In Person!
 The Bottom Half of the Dresses Were Very Sparkly.

Westminster Abbey

20 Martyrs

There Were 1000 of Locks on the Bridge Right Outside the Musee' d'Orsay.
How Romantic!!!
Musee' d'Orsay
Staircase in the Flat

Water Fountains

 Arc de triomphe

Eternal Flame

 Sacre Couer

Street Entertainers Outside Sacre Coeur

Stairs Up To Sacre Coeur
Street Art (hopefully)

Notre Dame

Bird Man Outside Notre Dame 

 Doors of Notre Dame


 9/11 Service at Notre Dame
So Very Special & Memorable - Brought Tears to my Eyes
 for the US and it's People to be Honored by our Overseas Friends

  Metro Subway Art
(Paris & London)

Notice the Little Black Man

Merano Glass Subway Entrance Outside the Louve

This Cracked Me Up!  Way Out!

Jim Morrison's Grave (Lead Singer of The Doors)
Pere Lachaise Cemetary (Paris)

 "Can You Show Me The Way to the Whiskey Bar?"
Grafitti Tree Next to the Grave

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exciting Things In The Works!

Whew!  I'm tired and excited just thinking about all of the things I have in the works right now!!  Here's a run down of what is in the works:

Travel Photos:  As you know from my previous post, I was on vacation for a few weeks in Paris and London.  My very good friend, Kari and I had a blast!  I returned last week and immediately got a massive chest cold and of course, had crazy jet lag (9 hour time change!) that took me 2 days to adjust to.  Gotta love the recycled airplane air...does it to me EVERY TIME!  Just now catching up on things.  Pictures will be posted very soon.  Still editing them a bit (I'm very particular when it comes to my pictures!) and figuring out which pictures to post out of the 500+ that I took. 

Full Tilt Boogie Art Journal Class:  I just signed up for Mary Ann Moss' "Fult Tilt Boogie" journaling course over at Dispatch From LA and I am happy to say that I am already enjoying it immensely.  I just love her blog and her fun personality!  I purchased my vintage books last weekend and now I'm ready to jump in head first.  My first journal will be a travel journal of Paris and London.  Knowing that I was going to sign up for the class prior to leaving for vacation, I saved oodles and oodles of tidbits from the trip and took daily notes on our travels so I'm 100% prepared.

Art Journal Round Robin:  I signed up for the "17 artists, 17 journals, 17 months" world wide round robin art journal swap over at Milliande and I need to get started on creating my journal PRONTO!  My theme is lyrics.  Music (old school R&B in particular) is a huge part of my life so I thought the theme was very fitting.  I'm thinking I may use and old R&B album sleeve as my journal cover.  Hmmmm...thinking.

Monthly Art Journal Page(s) Swap:  And, of course, as you know if you have been following me for some time, I host a monthly journal page swap over at Milliande so I need to get crackin' on those pages before the end of the month.  The themes this month are:  A Moment In Time and Mythical Gods &/or Goddesses.

I really appreciate you stopping by even though I have been a bit lax with my postings lately.  I haven't forgotten about you...just playing catch up and recuperating from this nasty cold!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Liz Has Left The Country...

See you in a few weeks.

My bestest girlfriend and I are off to Paris and London for a much needed girls only trip!  

No kids, no husbands/boyfriends, no day to day work to be done.

Ahhhhh...I feel relaxed already!