Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Little Monster for Little Miss Faith

Over at Milliande, one of the members posted a discussion about a 4 year old little girl and her mother that could use some "arty" cheering up and it brought me to tears.  Being a single mother to a little boy, I just can't imagine what the mother of this little girl is feeling or thinking...

Here's the post:
Faith has Acute Lymphoblastic Luekaemia and was diagnosed on 27th may after 5 wks of being very ill. She was airlifted to Royal childrens hospital and began chemo right away. The first round lasted 4 wks and made her very lethargic, unable to walk properly and her hair begin to fall out. After this round she didnt quite reach remission.
The current round of chemo lasts 8 wks and her bone marrow will be tested again half way to see if she has made remission. She has stayed amazingly positive throughout and takes all her procedures in her stride. I do have to hold her down for any injections which is quite distressing but i just think that it needs to be done for her to get better.
I have to sleep with her everynight as she doesnt like being alone but it helps me keep an eye on her temp incase it goes up.
Once we get to go home there will be monthly trips to Brisbane for 2 yrs following unless she relapses and then we would be required to return to Brisbane to go through the intensive chemo again and a bone marrow transplant.

I cope quite well most of the time but I do have my moments at night when Faith is asleep and its quiet that I sit in the lounge and cry simply wishing for it all to be over but her strength and gorgeous face gives me the strength to keep going.

This is quite a lot for anyone to go thru, let alone a 4 year old!!!  My heart goes out to her and her mommy.  So, I decided to make her one of my famous cute monsters.  I made one previously for my son when he needed cheering up (and 2 years later it's his favorite friend!) and thought it would put a smile on her face too!  I also decorated a little bag to hold all the other goodies I sent her.  I sure hope this very small gesture helps in some way.

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