Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacation Art

So, as I was saying in my previous post...

Being without a computer really served me well in one area.  Creating.  Without the added distraction of my computer I was able to really hunker down and create a few art journal pages. 

 "Hittin The Road"
Dedicated to my trip to Paris in September with my very good girlfriend Kari.  The gas station pump in the left corner is actually a card that opens up. I made the card about 2 years ago and stuck it in my journal a few  months ago.  Built the page around it. I'm finding that I like incorporating cards on my pages so I can have a private place to capture my thoughts.  The string depicts our stops/travels while in Paris.

I loved the bird and built the page around him.  I also stuck him in my journal months ago.  I do believe you create your own destiny by the decisions you make and the many paths (or forks in the road) put before you.  I have a really hard time dealing with people whose lives are in a constant state of turmoil due to their own bad decision making.  Thank goodness I really don't have any close friends whose lives fall into this "turmoil" category. 

"I Miss You So Much"
Dedicated to my mom whom I miss EVERY SINGLE day.  Losing her has made me a much more emotional individual.  I tear up at everything now.  I'm a big cry-baby.

I've long admired the work of Kelly Kilmer and thought I would give her style a shot.  She was in town teaching a week ago and I really pondered taking one of her classes.  Decided I just couldn't justify spending $200 on a one day class. The little caterpillar in the corner was made by my son when he was a wee little baby boy.  It's taped, tattered and very faded and I love it and didn't want to lose it so I thought it would be safe on a journal page.  I need to add some journaling in the right hand corner.  I see white font.

The summer weather we are having can hardly be called summer weather.  Most days it's foggy and barely gets past the 60's.  So much for "sunny California". 

"Stained Glass Flowers"
Was having fun with my white pen and the patterns that appeared in the background from a stencil and ink.  Reminded me of stained glass. 

I guess being without a computer has it's benefits.  Glad to be back to my old ways though.

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  1. Where have I been I seem to have lost a whole week ,What wonderful pages Liz.