Thursday, July 28, 2011

Playing Tourist Part II

Finishing out my "stay" vacation week by taking my son and his pal to Golden Gate Park where we visited the Hall of Science and the Japanese Tea Garden.

The Hall of Science has been totally redone since I was a kid.  In fact it was moved out of the park for a few years while the permanent site was being totally renovated.  Today was my first day back since the renovation.  I must say they did a fabulous job renovating it. 

Simulated rainforest FILLED with butterflies!

Swamp with a rare albino alligator.

I LOVE puffer fish...they have so much personality in those little puffy faces

The aquarium tanks were incredible.  This is a small sampling of what we saw.

2 boys doing what boys do candy and collect bugs!  In this case the scorpion was inside the sucker.  YUCK!!!  They ate the sucker scorpion (skeleton only - poison removed!), including the scorpion.  Made me sick just looking at them.  I called these treats the "death suckers". 

Speaking of bugs...a black widow spider in action.  YIKES!

The Japanese Tea Garden remains virtually un-touched since I was a youngster.  Brought back so many memories to be there.  The gardens are simply breath-taking.  See for yourself. 

Then of course, I snapped some random photos of the city (while driving!)....  

Graffiti on the side of the freeway.  I've never seen horse graffiti before..."taggers" sure are timid with their subjects these days.  Back in the day they would leave swear words!  ;-)

Gay pride flags flying proudly.


Theater in the park. 
 I remember watching the symphony here when I was a child (and boy was it boring back then!)

De Young Museum entrance

Current exhibit. 
Too bad the boys are too young to appreciate it or I would have dragged them to the museum.
Artists in the park.
I need to go back to work to relax!


  1. I have enjoyed your vacation Liz!I just wish I liked travelling.

  2. You are so funny Mary! Glad you enjoyed it because I am officially WORN OUT! Keeping up with my son is a lot of work!