Monday, July 25, 2011

Playing Tourist is so Very Under-rated!

Had a fabulous time today playing tourist in San Francisco.  My hometown.  My heart still feels full when I'm there.  Although I live only about 25 minutes away now, I don't get to the city that often anymore.  I just hate traffic and crowds so I try to avoid them when I can.  BUT,  I'm off this week and decided that I would try and fit in as many day trips as possible with my son while I'm off.

To kick off the week I decided to bring him (dragged my big fella too) to Japantown.  It was once a very familiar destination for me as my father used to take the family there often when we were kids.  As I said in previous posts, I think I learned to eat with chopsticks before I learned to eat with a fork!

Here are some snaps from our day:

Buzzing across the Bay Bridge on our way to SF.

Japantown Peace Plaza.

Mifune Restaurant has been in Japantown since I was a wee little girl.
  I remember eating here often as a child. 

That's MY boy eating with chopsticks!

Both of my fellas.

Salad, Japanese style.

Charsu Ramen (roasted pork with noodles soup)

Love this mural and the fella in it!

Japantown Haul!  I've been searching for Washi Tape (Japanese decorative masking tape)
 online and found a boat load in Japantown.  I really like it but IT IS PRICEY!  The tape at the top is the pricey stuff.  The tape to the left was purchased at a Japanese $1.50 store.

Old school corner market sign on the way to Noe Valley. 

While we were in the city, thought I would take my son to see his great-grandparents old house. 
 He got a kick out of it.  I spent many a day/night here!

They lived on Army Street but now it's called Cesar Chavez. 
 It's still Army to me!  

St. John's church just down the street.  They used to drag me here every Sunday.
  I hated it but always thought the church was beautiful.  Still do.  The inside is MAGNIFICENT with all of the stained glass work.

Next stop this week - Golden Gate Park.  Japanese Tea Garden & The Hall of Science. 


  1. Great photos Liz and the Men look good too.
    Wishing you also a Belated Happy Birthday.

  2. i'm going to be in san francisco this coming weekend with my grandson. i have to find japantown. we are staying near the wharf which way from there? also love the pic of your little fella in front of the umbrella mural.

  3. Thanks so much Mary!

    Cynthia - the wharf isn't really that close to Japantown. Japantown is off of Geary (a very long street in SF). Another place I recommend you visit is North Beach (the Italian section of SF). Great food & people watching!