Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm happy to say that I am officially back online!!!  Not that I was REALLY offline since I had access to my laptop...which by comparison is so sloooooooow and does not have any of my art files on it.  So I guess you could say that I was a bit computer crippled.

But, I'm back all the way now.  Purchased a new monitor at Costco today and it's even a bit bigger than my last one.  A whopping 31".   Makes my old 25" screen seem like childs-play now.

The up-side to being without a computer was that I worked on quite a few art jounral pages that I will share later today.

For now, I'm in heaven.


  1. Glad your up and running with the new monitor! My hubby purchased our new flat screen monitors from Costco last year. They seemed h-u-g-e compared to the old ones. Took me a few days to get used to them. Had to turn the bright way down or I ended up with a headache. Have fun!

  2. Thanks Marilyn. Yes, this new monitor almost seems too big. I also turned the bright way down...