Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Forced Vacation from Blog World

So the other night I got home from work and fired up my computer like I do every night when I get home, but this night was different.  My 2 year old 25 inch flat "BAD ASS" (I love my computer!) monitor began to make a static-y noise.

Uh oh.  To fix it, I decided to turn up the music so as not to hear the noise.  Problem fixed.


Last night, said monitor decided not to work anymore.  It turns on, makes a horrendous static noise and then shuts off.  UGH!!!!  Only 2 years old.  If that!  S*#t!!!

So, I decided to call HP to see if they could help me trouble-shoot the problem.  Nope.  In the end, all they offered was a deal to purchase a new monitor.  And, to add insult to injury, their "deal" was worse than any "deal" I found online.

Bottom line.  I'm forced out of "blog world" and online life until I figure out which monitor I want to buy as a replacement.  I'm in mourning right now, I swear.  Did I mention that I love (loved!) my computer?  UGH, I won't settle for a smaller montior....I won't settle for a smaller monitor!!!!

I'll be back soon. :-(


  1. I'm sorry about your monitor! That is NO fun! I just had to purchase a whole new computer because mine crashed!

    Glad I found you through Mary Nasser's Art Blog Hop, and am now your newest follower! :)


  2. so sorry! hope it works out. found you thru Mary, great blog, lovely work!

  3. Sorry to hear that Liz! We really do "need" our computers! Recent power failures have left us without access to our computers, it was awful, we all milled about the house trying to figure out what to do! I hope your up and running asap.

  4. I would be beside myself without access to the outside world. HOW SAD IS THAT ?

  5. I'm with you Mary! Luckily, I wasn't TOTALLY out of touch since I could check up on things from work and I have a laptop (that has none of my art files on it - therefore, no blog posts). I was just crippled for a few days. So good to be back!