Friday, June 24, 2011

The Secret Garden & The Lagoon

I work in the most ultra corporate environment EVER!  And, frankly it gets to me at times.  So what's a girl to do to find release from the hum-drum of the corporate stiffs?

Take a walk!

I often take walks on my lunch break at work.  Luckily, the campus is situated in a lovely area surrounded by a lagoon and a place I call "the secret garden".  I call it the secret garden because after you go thru a round-a-bout at the base of a huge tower you end up in an unexpected beautiful garden...walk a bit further and you wind up at the base of the lagoon.  The lagoon is actually a part of the SF Bay.  Landfill was placed in the bay to make little coves to build houses...

Here's a little tour...

 The "Tower Building

Round-a-bout at the base of the Tower Building

The "Secret Garden" on the way to the Lagoon

 The Lagoon

 Named after Congressman  Leo Ryan who was gunned down in Guyana by members of  the People's Temple in 1978.  I remember this story like it was yesterday! 

What ever happened to being able to feed the birds?  When I was a kid that's what we did with our stale bread.  Boy, times have changed! 

I always admire a place that includes a piece of art mixed in with nature.  Cheers to the developers of Leo J. Ryan Park for including a nod to the arts.

The multi-million (and I mean multi-million) dollar fountain in front of my offices that works about 30% of the time.  What to waste money!

So there you have it.  My medicine for a stressful day on the job!

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