Monday, June 20, 2011

Loud Larry and a Genie

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago (WOW!  It's been a while since I posted!), I recently took over hosting a monthly Art Journal Swap over at Milliande.  The 2 prompts for this month are:

7 Deadly Sins & Genie In A Bottle (if I had one wish...)  I FINALLY got-ta-crackin' on my pages and finished them this weekend.  I've been so tied up with school ending and summer activities with my son, I really haven't had much time for me...but all that is going to change as we settle into our summer routine.  And, to make art-making easier, I installed a work table in my art space just for him.  Hey, a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do!!!

I'm happy to say that I'M BACK!....and ready to resume posting (or at least really try to!) on a regular basis.  Sorry for my absence. 

Here are my pages for this month's swap.  I REALLY got into them both for very different reasons...

First, "7 Deadly Sins"...

There is one thing I CANNOT stand in people (above most other "sins", especially now-a-days) and that is GREED!  So, I chose to base my page on Loud Larry (rubber stamp) as a greedy banker.  Doesn't he just look like a greedy executive obnoxiously trying to talk his way out of hell?

Oh, how versatile old Loud Larry is!  A few weeks ago he played the victim in an ATC swap entitled "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil"...and this week, he is the EVIL-DO-ER. 

Next is "Genie in a Bottle (if I had one wish)..."   This page is dedicated to my mom.  Oh how I miss her sooooo much!  It brings tears to my eyes just thinking it.  If I had one wish, it would be just to have one more day with her.  We had so much fun together as I got older (and really began to appreciate her).  She was one fun, spunky & wonderful lady!   Your quintessential Italian mother...although she had a June Cleaver side to her too, which made things extra interesting...sorta evened out her naughty side...the side I so graciously inherited from good ol' mom!

Here's to you mom...I will see you again for that "one more day", someday.  xo


  1. Old Larry is a very versatile guy! Your pages are so beautiful!! Your genie page is stunning and I am sure your mum is watching from somewhere and is so proud of you Liz!!! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much Monika. Yes, I believe she is watching me...and hopefully, mostly proud. :-) xo

  3. GREAT pages Liz I have not started mine yet ! I know what I am doing for sin prompt but that GENIE is making me think.