Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How To Be Alone

I fell upon something absolutely beautiful today...

A video on the front page over at Milliande entitled How To Be Alone.  The title alone (okay, no pun intended) really intrigued me.  A how-to video about something so human and basic...yet so scary and misunderstood by so many.  This video touched my soul so much I just had to share.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I guess the video really touched me because, like many people, there was a time in my life not so many years ago that being "alone" was a scary proposition.  Somehow life experiences changed all that.  Some experiences painful (divorce & death) & some good (traveling to new and exciting places...meeting new people).  I love and relish my alone time now, but it has taken me years to feel at peace with myself.  I know many people who don't like being alone at all.

I consider it a gift I give myself...

I find that I do my best thinking when I'm alone.  Being alone has taught me a lot about myself (the good, the bad and the ugly!) and for that I am forever grateful.  Unfortunately, as the video mentions, society looks down on the "alones".  Seems this world, or rather, the people in it project their own fears on others...to be coupled up and with others at all times. 


I say being alone is so very under-rated.  If you are scared to be alone, just take a few small steps (as the video mentions) and eventually you'll get the hang of it.  Like anything else, believe it or not, it takes practice. Be careful though, you might like it so much, you may want to be alone too much.

Life is about balance, right?  Now that's a lesson, for another day...

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  1. It is strange but I also am quite happy on my own,My husband goes skiing most years ,either with my grown up son's or friends and i love that me time. I am not sure if it an age thing as it is commonly thought the older you are the lonelier you are.As I am rapidly approaching retirement age I will let you know.