Friday, June 10, 2011

From This to That

From THIS...

So I've been working diligently (actually the last few hours) since I purchased my BIG HONKIN' ERASERS on Wednesday!  I seriously think I have acquired a new addiction...rubber stamp carving.  It's so relaxing and gratifying.  I really like how it doesn't take long to carve a stamp.  These erasers carve and cut like butter.  It's so fun!

Drawings ready to be transfered to the erasers.

Transfered and then colored in with permanent marker.  This image was taken from Misty Mawn's new book Unfurling. 

First one done!

My favorite black ink pad is dying (probably because I dried it out today by leaving it wide open for so long!) so the images aren't as juicy as I'd like them but you'll still get the idea...

P.S.  I'm so addicted now, I went back and bought some more erasers today.  YES!!!

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