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What the heck is SoulCollage?

I have found that there are 2 groups of people when you mention the word SoulCollage.  Those who have heard of it and know a lot about it (and might be in the process of developing their own deck) and those who have no idea what it is.

SoulCollage really is a mystery to indulge me while I provide a very short explanation about the topic...

SoulCollage was developed by a brilliant woman named Seena Frost in the late 1980's.  It has since grown quite popular amongst Art Therapists and is slowly gaining popularity within the mental health community as a whole over the last few years. 

The basic premise of SoulCollage is to allow your inner self, or soul, to choose images from magazines...some say those images choose you.   Those images are then collaged and mounted on cards to eventually form a deck which is broken up into suits (community, companion, committee, council).  Basically you are creating a sort of personal Tarot deck to consult and do readings with...or as Seena puts it "a soul tending deck".

An individuals deck is a very personal matter since it represents people in one's life (community), personal energies (companions), inner parts of your personality/ego (committee) & spiritual companions (council).

I began creating my deck about a year ago, and it's pretty close to completion at 100+ cards.  Although I'm not sure it will ever be complete since humans are ever changing and evolving (hopefully).

Last fall I had the pleasure of training with Seena Frost in Santa Cruz, CA to become a SoulCollage workshop facilitator.  My interest wasn't really in becoming a facilitator, but rather learning everything from the woman herself.  It was an AMAZING weekend filled with card making, group readings & meditation. Here are some photos from the workshop:

The Gallery

 Part of my deck

 Me and a fellow workshop participant admiring Seena's Indra's Net.  All of the facilitators (from all over the world) sew a bead on Seena's net to simulate a sort of Indra's Net (whereby we are all connected).

Pointing to my bead on the net

View of the grounds
 The sweet and brilliant Seena Frost.  The most spiritual individual I have ever met.  It's calming just to be in her presence.  Someone gave her that handmade lei at the closing ceremony...she immediately put it on. 

Here is a slide show of my many cards.  Most of the cards in the slide show have titles and greater stories that I do not feel comfortable sharing here for obvious reasons.  Don't let the titles fool you...there's much more to each card than meets the eye!  Some are untitled because I'm still unsure what they represent.  I have an entire journal filled with readings about the "titled" cards.  The process of journaling about the cards was so liberating and cleansing!  In some cases, it was a "letting go" of sorts.  

I can't say enough about the process of creating your own deck.  Not only was creating my deck cathartic, I refer to it and do readings from it from time to time.  The insight it has provided me has been just short of a miracle...and I really mean that... 

At a group reading at the workshop, something happened that still gives me goosebumps to think about.  We broke out into groups of 4.  Each participant was to randomly/blindly choose 4 cards out of their entire deck to do a reading with.  I swore I put the card representing my mother away since at times her passing (as I've mentioned numerous times) is just too painful to deal with.  Her card contains a picture of her and a penny (a story from childhood).  During the reading I began to turn my cards over one by one and the last card was my mothers.  As tears started to well up, I read from her card.  It was difficult, but what that card had to say was wonderful....

The next day as I was getting ready to depart, I opened my suitcase to pack (a suitcase that I rarely, if ever use)...and out popped something that hit the floor.  I thought it was a piece of hard candy or something and almost ignored it.  Looking down onto the dark was a penny shining as bright as can be.

Truly a penny from heaven...a gift from my mom! 

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  1. Hello Liz! I'm so glad I found your blog. I was looking for something with Seena and Indra's Net, and I found this beautiful post you created. It captures SCF training beautifully, and that radiant photo of Seena completes it. I am a SCF too, from 2007 (although not leading workshops or blogging, currently). Your blog is beautiful, and shows your unique style. I look forward to returning :)

    Wondrous blessings to you, Cheryl