Sunday, May 15, 2011

On a ROLL!

I don't know WHAT got into me this weekend, but I have been on a creative ROLL!  I have finished one piece after another, and for the most part, have been happy with the results.  Although I normally do work on art for the most part of every weekend, I'm generally not so fast in finishing my pieces.  I guess my creative muse is really looking after me this weekend!  I hope she stays a while...I'm really liking her!!!

Here's another Art Journal page for Nina's "It's Been A Slice" swap.  I had no idea where to start with this prompt because I've never been fond of that statement.  So I started with a funky cake to celebrate "Life".  My life to be exact.  After perusing through a vintage Van Gogh book for inspiration, words, something!...I found the 1,2,3 statements in the table of contents...and then I just kept going.

I think this page is very fitting of my life.  It's a fun page...just like my 

UPDATE:  It always makes me proud when one of my pieces is featured.  This morning I received an email that this art journal page is featured over at Milliande.  Yaaaaay!  Great start to the week. 

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