Friday, May 20, 2011

My Creative Little Voodoo Man...

My son just never ceases to amaze me!

We have so much fun together, perhaps it's because we are very like minded (the good & and the bad, I'm afraid) especially when it comes to creativity.  The other day on the way to school he was so excited to tell me about his latest "creative" project because he knew I would be so proud of him.  The conversation went something like this.

"oh mom, you will be so proud of me"

"oh, why's that sweets?"

"because I made something really cool"

"oh yeah, what?"...this is where the conversation took a turn I was not all!

"a voodoo doll"...I'm pretty superstitious so this answer freaked me out...but of course I couldn't show it.

"oh yeah, tell me about it"

"well, I saw these little voodoo dolls in a candy machine when I was out with daddy.  I tried my best to get a cool one and spent all my money after about 20 tries.  I ended up with these dumb little plastic ones instead of the fabric one I was hoping for so I decided to make one myself"...boy candy machines sure have changed since I was a kid!!

"that's cool baby, maybe we should name it something different a dream doll or something...voodoo just sounds so evil"...I know, I was projecting my stuff on my kid!  I just couldn't let it go.

"good idea mama, I'll show you when I get home"

Here's his for me and one for his dad.  Made from chopsticks, string he took out of an old baseball & electrical tape.  In order to make the shape of the head, he used paper and masking tape.  I'm really liking this voodoo doll...I mean dream doll. 

Always working on something.  In this case a surf board he carved out of wood and is painting in this photo


  1. Very cool...A man after my own heart! Looks like your little guy is taking after his mamma in loving art!

  2. Oh, your post made me smile! What an awesome and creative wee man you have!:-) I wouldn't worry too much about the Voodoo aspect, the original voodoo dolls were not evil but rather representations of spirits or messengers between mortals and spirits:-)I LOVE the voodoo / dream dolls your son has created he is so inventive and artistic! xoxo

  3. Thanks ladies! He just makes me so proud on so many levels! Always coming up with something. I really don't know how he does it sometimes. ;-)