Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Did Someone Say Beads? VINTAGE BEADS?

As I said in my last post (maybe not quite as emphatically as I'll say here)...I'm obsessed with beads!!  I said it.  Yes, I did and I feel cleansed now! 

At times it even amazes me just how much I love those sparkly little tidbits.  Throw in the "vintage" and I'm all out GA-GA! 

Proof of that reared itself during a recent trip to the local antique store where I picked up quite the haul of (mostly) vintage delicacies.  After speaking to the ladies that own the store (cause I'm just so shy!), I learned that the bead vendor once owned her own bead store and is now retiring and trying to unload her substantial stash at reasonable prices.  JACKPOT!

I must have spent over an hour perusing her large rounder of decadent beads!  I'm sure at one point I was smiling ear to ear with excitement.  Check out this impressive haul...


  1. I am a bead fan as well and I am amazed at the range of colours and shapes.I am like a magpie when I see a stall with old necklaces and I sometimes buy new jewelery just to take it apart.

  2. I hear you Mary. I do find myself looking for ugly jewelry that I can strip the beads off of...everywhere I go. I see the need for a support group in my future! ;-)

  3. Wow! What a haul Liz!! I too am quite hopeless when it comes to beads and if they are vintage then I am a goner! Thanks for sharing!:-) xoxo