Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekly Book Review - Designer Bead Embroidery

Okay, okay, I admit it!  I've been a royal slacker when it comes to the Weekly Book Review and my Foodie Friday's posts.  I've been swamped with swaps, what can I say!?  But I'm back in the swing of things now, if only for a few days, with enough time and energy (geez is it only 5:47am!) to get back to the routine. 

Uhum...thanks for hearing my confessional...now on to the post!

If you've seen a lot of my work (even outside of my sewing pieces), I love to include beads.  Even just a tiny hint of beads!  I've just got a thing for them. They seem to add that bit of bling and dimension that completes a piece and gives it that extra somethin'-somethin'.  With that said, I wanted to find a go-to bead reference guide ...and I'm happy to say I found it!  Designer Bead Embroidery is a great addition to my....uhhhhh... growing creative library.  A couple of bookshelves worth to be exact...there, I said it!

Anyway, here's why.  Although packed with 150 bead patterns that I will probably never really use (shhh, because I don't really care for many of the patterns), I will use "parts" and a "mix & match" of the patterns and the techniques used to execute said patterns.  The book also includes a stitch library, various techniques and a section on types of beads.  For these reasons, I will give this book ☻☻☻☻☺.

If you ever get an itch to do some bead work, this is worth the investment...especially if you are a novice.  This book is written well and thoroughly explains all that you need to know about beading, outside of jewelry beading.

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