Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekly Book Review - The Crafter's Devotional (Barbara R. Call)

I own an embarrasing number of "creative" books.  Yes, that is my confession for the day.  Some of them were an absolute waste of money and they make me mad just looking at them collecting dust, while others are truly "creative bibles" worth their weight in gold.  Given that I have strong opinions about most of them good, bad and ugly, I thought it would be helpful to others (both emotionally and financially) if I posted a weekly book review.  So here goes...I'm starting off with a BANG!

The Crafter's Devotional - 365 Days of Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Unlocking Your Creative Spirit (Barbara R. Call)

This book just makes me happy.  It's the best reference book I have purchased in months.  It's everything it advertises and more.  Throughout the book you'll find miscellaneous bits, including quotes, how-to-tips or techniques, stories, exercises, brainstorming prompts, visuals and more.  Each week features 6 entries:  one for each weekday and one entry for the weekend.  The weekend entries are designed to accommodate exploration that takes more time, such as collaborating with another person, taking a class to learn a new technique, or visiting and exploring nature.  Throughout the book, each day will be centered on the following categories:  
  • Monday - Journaling
  • Tuesday - Recycle, Reuse or Revive
  • Wednesday - Collection, Stash and Materials
  • Thursday - Personal History
  • Friday - Non craft Inspiration
  • Saturday & Sunday - Collaborate, Gather and Experiment.   
Caution:  If you prefer books with lots of eye candy, this is not your book AT ALL.  It's more substance than beauty for sure.  In fact, it was marked down one smiley face due to average "curb appeal"...or graphics. 


  1. This is a good idea Liz when I am bored it is Amazon time and the next day another book arrives.
    I have so many I have even had to sell some but like you there are some that I keep going back to so it will be fun to see if we have any the same.

  2. Too funny Mary! I do the exact same thing when I'm bored...perhaps that's why we both have so many books! I LOVE Amazon!!!