Monday, April 4, 2011

Vintage Score

I LOVE anything vintage.  I especially love meandering thru antique stores because they are always so interesting and YOU NEVER KNOW what you will find!

And quite the find I found on Friday!  I happened upon a huge floor rounder of vintage beads while visiting Old Towne Antiques Mall in Pleasanton, CA.  WOW!  I quickly dropped to my knees (trust me, it was the only way to get a good look) and started spinning in a frenzy...oh how I love beads!  They are just so versatile.  Buried beneath the hundreds of hanging zip lock bags was a diamond in the rough. Not only was it a major find, I couldn't believe the price.  $1.50.  This must be miss-marked I thought.  Nope, it wasn't.  I snatched it up immediately.  SCORE! 

Here it is!  It's far more beautiful in person!  I'm thinking about creating a wall collage of beaded flowers....or maybe adding this to a journal cover or box.  Either way, I'm so inspired and hope to showcase it in some very special way.  In the meantime, it sits glistening in my art space.

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