Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Site for Sore Eyes

I think making these 3 bracelets seriously accelerated my need for glasses by about 10 years!  While I LOVE beads, specifically seed beads, I'm going to guess that working with them is hazardous to ones eye health in a big way!  Either way, I got through it with minimum error and made these bracelets about 3 years after the other!  I was really a glutton for punishment that year!  Although I like the overall designs, I struggle with the clasp part in a big way.  I do not like the stretchy-beaded-eye-hook ONE BIT!  It just doesn't feel secure enough and looks cheap.  It's basically an accident (and subsequent lost bracelet) waiting to happen!  This is probably why the last one does not have the stretchy-beaded-eye-hook.  I went as far as sewing on the buttons, but refused to go the distance with that lame attempt at a closure.  Okay, enough ranting, you get my point! 

I think the same year I made these, I also completely lost my mind when I purchased the very large floral button for the cherry blossom-ish bracelet.  Brace yourself, that button set me back almost $40!  For a BUTTON!  Yes, I know, I was robbed...I'm blaming it on my temporary site loss!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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