Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love Shack

I'm pretty sure if anyone ever asked me where I would spend ALL of my time if I could, I would answer "my own little heaven on earth - my art space".  It makes me so happy just to sit in here and look around.  I have everything I need here, and then some - and the bathroom is just steps away.  Heck I could sleep in here but I own THE most uncomfortable futon on the face of the planet.  As much as I like the way it looks, I wouldn't subject any of my guests to sleeping on it!  I certainly could use the futon space for more of my crap, I mean, stuff.  Work in progress to find a new owner. 

That ceramic thing hanging on the wall to the right of my desk (with the huge "stash") was my rendition of my father when I was in elementary school...just can't part with it, but man is it ugly!


  1. Look how tidy you are if I took my laptop into my room it would be wrecked in minutes. The skulls look great on the cork board they are so big.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Trust's not always this clean! I just happen to not be in the midst of a project at the time this picture was taken. If I was, the place is a disaster!

  3. Wow, how tidy your studio is! Mine is not often like that - no matter how hard I try!

  4. Oh Gina, You are going to force me to show my slob side and post some "in action" shots. ;-) This was truly after cleaning of those rare times when my space actually looks tidy. My boyfriend has nicknamed me "hoarder" based on my space...if that tells you anything. haha!