Sunday, April 3, 2011

Angel In Disguise...

I'm not a very religious individual, likely because I grew up being dragged to church kicking and screaming.  Even sang in the choir...that's how much my family was "into it".  Either way, I do have a very strong appreciation for religious art, crucifixes in particular.  I have amassed quite the collection over the years.  Any more and people will think my house is a monastery (except for the fact that I have Klimpt nudes hanging in the hallway just around the corner). This picture was taken a couple of years ago and I cringe to say that there are several more hanging now.  Enough already, I know!

Anyway, on to religious art.  Here's a piece that I did at the Willowing "Art, Heart & Healing" class.  I kinda like it.  She looks rather sweet and angelic.  Imagine that!

If you look close enough, it looks like she hit her thumb with a hammer (and it looks like she had too many botox injections in her lips...quite the progressive angel!).  Have no idea how the thumb thing happened, but I think it's too funny to fix.

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