Thursday, March 31, 2011

Martin & Gloria

A couple of months ago, over at Willowing Tam was kind enough to provide a free online course entitled "Art, Heart & Healing".  Oh what fun it was!!  My favorite project from the course was making the Empathy Monster. 

Given that my 8 year old son just lost his grandmother, I thought I would make him a special gift that he could cherish forever.  Meet Martin (my maiden name), made from remnants of his grandparent's clothing and a vintage button from the huge stash (a stash a creative person only dreams of!) I inherited from my "Nonie" (grandmother). 

And...because everybody needs love, I made Martin a girlfriend.  Actually, that's sort of an excuse...I made Gloria for me.  Shhhhh!!! 

You are probably thinking I went crazy and made a bunch of Martin "smalls".  Not that I hadn't thought about starting a pet-rock sort of craze...if just for a moment....this is actually 1 of 2 mini Martin's I made for my adult nephews.  I really thought these guys would be scratching their heads in "what the hell is this" disbelief when I handed them their very own mini-Martin Christmas ornaments.  Quite the contrary, they LOVED it!  Looking back, maybe it was the money I had pinned to the back of each ornament.  Naaaaah...I could see it in their eyes, they were in love (or they are both up for academy awards next year).  After all, who doesn't want a little bit of family love sewn up in a tiny, ugly monster hanging from their Christmas tree every year?   

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