Thursday, March 31, 2011

Art Journal Swaps

I'm new to the world of Art Journaling.  I'm much more comfortable working with 3 dimensional mediums. It's definetly a stretch for me, but a good stretch because I really feel like I'm learning all the time with each new page I complete...then again, are they ever REALLY complete?   In some cases they have to be if they are prompted and created for an art journal page swap like these pages were.  In other cases, they can be a work in progress forever! Nina from Canada at Milliande.ning site hosts the monthly journal swaps and I must say I'm addicted.  Here are some recent submissions. 

Prompt:  Favorite Color
This made it's way to Beth G. in PA, USA

Prompt:  It's Not Just a Valentine, It's My Heart
Beth got this one too!

Prompt:  I Never Told You...
This one made it's way to Trine P's house in Denmark.

Prompt:  Art Is...
Trine got this one too!

                                                       Prompt:  You Are My Sunshine
These pages went to Anne T. in Ontario, Canada

Prompt:  Rebirth/Renewal

Last but not favorite.  I created this for the prompt "I Never Told You" (actual page that was submitted is above).  This one is very special to me as it's dedicated to my mom who passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly 2 years ago.  Needless to say, this page never made it's way into the swap.  I just couldn't part with it.  It will remain with me where I can see it every day...a reminder of the wonderful (crazy, fun-as-hell, drama queen) mother I had.

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