Thursday, March 31, 2011

All The World Is A Stage...Especially in Berkeley!

There is an amazing store/studio in Berkeley, CA called A Castle in the Air.  This incredible little gem offers classes taught by some talented, top-notch artists; one of which is John McRae.  I had the pleasure of taking one of his classes and I was BLOWN AWAY.  Here is the stage we created.  It's made entirely of matt board, crepe paper, imported dresden and vintage papers.  Get this...the ballerina spins and the stage folds up.  Beauty and function...gotta love it! 

What the heck is dresden you ask?  They are die-cut sheets (in the case of the stage, gold sheets) made on machinery dating back to Victorian times.  Amazing stuff.  Apparently John McRae was nicknamed "the king of dresden" from the student "groupies" in the class. 

Crepe paper?!  You might be thinking "I played with that stuff in kindergarten" or "you mean the party streamer crepe paper?"   Stop right there!  This was not your grandmother's crepe paper.  This stuff was "top-notch-imported-from-Germany" crepe paper.  Nuf said! 

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